Somerset Condominiums Association, a Colorado nonprofit corporation, is a condominium owners association established for the purpose of administering the common affairs and interests of the owners of the 34 condominium units located in Somerset Condominiums, Boulder, Colorado.

The Association is guided by its governing documents and governed by its Board of Directors, who are empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Somerset Condominiums owners. Owners in good standing are voting Members of the Association. The Board of Directors is composed of up to nine owner Members. New directors are elected at the Annual Meeting of Members, and serve on the Board for one to three years.

The day-to-day operation of the Association is overseen and administered by Officers, who are chosen by the Board from among its duly-elected directors. Officers serve for one year until the next annual Board Organization Meeting, when Officers are chosen again.

All Somerset Condominiums Members are invited to participate in the governance and decision-making of the Association by volunteering as a director and joining the Board.

To access or download PDF descriptions of the responsibilities of board members and officers of the board, please click the appropriate link below.

Somerset Director Responsibilities Directors - Responsibilities Agreement.pdf
Somerset Directors Code of Ethics Directors - Code of Ethics.pdf

Duties and

President of the Board President - Responsibilities.pdf
Vice President of the Board VicePresident - Responsibilities.pdf
Secretary of the Board Secretary - Responsibilities.pdf
Treasurer of the Board Treasurer - Responsibilities.pdf

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